Stoke Bruerne - Locks 14 to 20


From Date: 03/06/2019 10:00

To Date: 16/08/2019 00:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Restriction

Reason: Water resources

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Grand Union Canal

Starts at: Lock 14, Top Lock

Ends at: Lock 20


16/08/2019 18:08

Restrictions in place are lifted with immediate effect.  Water levels in some reservoirs across the Braunston and Leicester summit have improved due to the recent rainfall, the reduced canal demands due to local water saving restrictions, and short duration summer stoppage works which have been successful in saving water.

We now feel that the improvement in the water resources situation in the Braunston Summit Reservoir Group and the Leicester Summit Reservoir Group is sufficient to lift the restrictions introduced earlier in the summer.

Boaters can always help conserve water by sharing locks where possible and making the best use of the water available, ensuring paddles are fully closed once they’ve passed through a lock.  It’s helpful to aim for minimal contact when navigating through locks by ensuring gates are fully open when passing through as pushing gates open using a boat can damage the gate lining, increasing its leakage.  Thank you for your help.


Levels within reservoirs feeding the Leicester Summit and Grand Union Mainline are lower than usual for the time of year following below average rainfall over the last eleven months.

In order to maximise the available water the Trust is taking the sensible precaution of locking targeted locks up overnight. This measure is intended to reduce the potential for water losses overnight and allow backpumps more time to transfer water from the Braunston Summit onto the Leicester Summit.

Boaters also have a really important role to play and we ask that they help us to save water by making sure that all gates and paddles are closed after use, sharing a lock if possible and waiting for oncoming boats where appropriate.  

For more water saving tips go to

From the 3rd June, lock opening hours will be:

10am to 4pm

[last entry on the flight 3pm]