Lock 43 and Featherbed Lane Moorings, near Wilmcote, South Stratford Canal


From Date: 04/02/2019 08:00

To Date: 15/03/2019 16:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Repair

Is the towpath closed? Yes


Closest waterway: South Stratford Canal

Starts at: Wilmcote Featherbed Lane Visitor

Ends at: 010

Upstream winding hole: North of Bridge 59, Featherbed Lane

Downstream winding hole: Bancroft Basin, Stratford-Upon-Basin


18/02/2019 12:11

Please be aware, for safety reasons, it has been necessary to close the towpath between Bridge 59 and the access gate opposite the winding hole (approximately 300m north of Bridge 59), for the duration of these works.

11/02/2019 17:06

We are taking the opportunity, whilst the navigation is closed for the gate and cill replacement at Lock 43,  to undertake repairs to the waterway wall at the Featherbed Lane visitor moorings.  We had to defer these works last October due to budgetary issues.  However, we are pleased to confirm that funds have now been made available from other projects and have been assigned for our contractors to carry out the Featherbed Lane wall repairs as a matter of urgency. 

The navigation is closed from Lock 51 to approximately 150m north of Bridge 59.  The stoppage will be in place until 15th March, as originally planned.  Completion of the works at Featherbed Lane will continue beyond this date but under local restrictions only.  Further updates will be issued regarding these restrictions.

20/12/2018 17:32

As a result of the earlier finish date of the stoppage at Locks 25 and 26, additional resources are now available to work on the stoppage at Lock 43.  This will enable us to complete the works here in a shorter period.  Please note the new start date for this stoppage. 


Replace the bottom gate and top and bottom cill.

Carry out improvements to the lock ladders. 

Our Customer Service teams will be also be completing some smaller, below water, tasks on the surrounding locks that fall within this stoppage.

Following customer feedback, we have delayed the start of this closure to allow additional cruising time over the new year period.