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Who's on London's boats? Survey to help meet boaters' needs

We are asking the capital’s boaters “who’s on London’s boats?” so we can gain a better understanding of people living and boating on canals and rivers in the region, what they want out of boating life and how their needs can be met.

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The survey will help establish a better understanding of what boaters want and need, for example what sort of moorings and where these might be located. The findings will be used as a basis for proposals that will benefit boaters in London and will help to inform the development of the London mooring strategy, which aims to address the unique challenges and opportunities of boating in the capital. The survey results will also be shared with partners, such as local authorities, so boaters' needs can be built into their plans.

Matthew Symonds, boating strategy & engagement manager at the Trust, said: "London's waterways are populated by all sorts of boaters who are drawn to life afloat for a wide range of reasons. While we've got a lot of information about the boats themselves we know far less about the people who choose to call the water ‘home'. By knowing more about the community and what's important to them, we can make sure our plans take account of their needs. I'd like to encourage London's boaters to get involved."

The survey is aimed at people living and boating on boats in the Trust's London waterway area. The Trust is sending invitations by email and letter to boaters who have a registered mooring or have been sighted cruising in the London region, and will also be leaving postcards about the survey on boats across the capital and displaying posters encouraging people to complete the survey.

The online survey will be open between Monday 19 September and Friday 21 October. Boaters who would like to complete a paper copy can contact the London Customer Service team on [email protected]

Boaters are asked to please only complete one survey per boat. The information provided is anonymous and responses cannot be traced to individuals.

For more information on moorings in London, visit London Mooring Strategy

Last Edited: 22 September 2016

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