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We want your views on the River Trent

We're conducting a survey to better understand what can be done to encourage more boaters to venture out onto the tidal River Trent.

The survey is being developed by our East Midlands Waterway Partnership along with The Boating Association and Inland Waterways Association. Together they are keen to attract more boaters onto the tidal Trent, but it's hoped that the findings will provide useful insights for other rivers across the country.

The Partnership has developed the short survey to understand boaters' perceptions of cruising on tidal, non-tidal and canalised rivers. It's hoped this will identify possible barriers which may prevent boaters from exploring parts of the river.

The findings will then be used to develop a package of measures which could include training courses, instructional videos, more readily-available information or informal boating convoys.

Every boater should experience the River Trent

Danny Brennan, chair of the Trust's waterway partnership in the East Midlands, said; “We firmly believe that every boater should experience the River Trent at some point in their lives but we also recognise that there are some things we could do to encourage them to do so.

“Whether it be a degree of fear or a simple practicality, such as not knowing when locks will be open, we want to properly understand why more boaters don't venture out onto the Trent.

“Once we've identified all the issues we can then start to look at ways in which they can be addressed. We want to make it easier and more attractive for boaters to venture onto our rivers so that they can really get out there and explore a different aspect of life on the water.”

The survey can be found at

Last Edited: 02 April 2015

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