News article created on 27 March 2014

We want your views on our towpaths

We’re currently consulting on how towpaths are shared to make visiting waterways more enjoyable for everyone.

Our aim is to improve people’s experience of using towpaths in England and Wales by gaining a more detailed understanding of the ways towpaths are used – whether by boaters, walkers, joggers, cyclists or anglers - and to attract more visitors to regularly use and enjoy the waterways.

We’re inviting people to share their views through an online survey, on anything from signage and behaviour to suggestions for access and surface improvements.


The National Towpath Use Policy will set out our approach to managing safer sharing of towpaths including what we will do and what visitors can do. For example, it will balance the needs of people with the need to conserve and protect heritage and the environment; also how to encourage visitors to better understand the range of towpath activities, be considerate of others and make a difference to these shared spaces.

To find out more about our proposals and give your feedback please visit