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Waterway Partnerships on the right track

Yesterday saw the first in a series of three meetings hosted by the All Parliamentary Group for the Waterways, which focus on how our Waterway Partnerships have developed since their introduction in July 2012.

The Group wants to understand the aims and evolution of the Partnerships as they seek to champion the interests of our inland waterways. Chairman Tony Hales and chief executive Robin Evans gave an update to the group about the progress of the partnerships and how they're forming relationships within their local communities and making plans for the future of the canals and rivers in their area.

Tony was able to report on the great knowledge and expertise that the Partnerships were bringing to the Trust, the very high calibre of their Chairs and the talented and enthusiastic members they had recruited. He also talked about how the Partnerships were all busy preparing strategic plans to identify their priorities and set out how they were going to improve community engagement, and these were expected to be ready for publication as early as this summer.

The Waterway Partnerships have been in place since July 2012 when the Canal & River Trust was launched. There are 13 Partnerships with one in each of our regions in addition to a partnership dedicated to our museums and attractions and an All Wales Partnership.

The Partnerships comprise a wide range of people with interests and backgrounds in boating, walking, cycling, angling and many other waterway pursuits. The members of each partnership have a wealth of experience in areas such as volunteering, fundraising, environment, heritage and community engagement.

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Last Edited: 30 January 2013

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