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Volunteers create canal side memorial garden

Volunteers in Stourbridge have created a memorial garden along the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal so local people and boaters have a special place to remember loved ones along the waterways.

Memorial Garden

The Stewponey Volunteer group, working with a team from the Trust, has designed the garden so loved ones can have a special place to remember those who have passed away whilst enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the waterways.

With a gravel pathway into the garden leading to a newly installed bench, the garden has been planted with a variety of small trees, shrubs and wildflowers which, once matured, will provide colour throughout the year. Being alongside water, with its naturally relaxing atmosphere, the waterside location makes the garden relaxing and wildlife friendly.

Much like a memorial bench seen in local parks and dotted along the canals, family and friends will soon have the opportunity to purchase a memorial plaque from the Trust and place it within the garden as a lasting legacy to a loved one.

Terry Hodgetts, from the Trust, said: "Many people like to have something or somewhere special to go to remember someone and this memorial garden is a perfect quiet spot along the canal where you can do just that.

"The volunteers have cleared the garden area of overgrown trees and really opened up the area so it's now light and bright. The volunteers working with my team have put a lot of thought into what should go into the garden to make a really lovely calming place to visit and spend some time along the waterways."

Last Edited: 12 October 2016

photo of a location on the canals
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