News article created on 23 December 2019

Trust embark on winter tree and hedge management programme

This winter we are carrying out three quarters of a million pounds of work to tackle overhanging trees and hedges.

A nicely cut hedge A nicely cut hedge

The works will focus on preserving navigation and ensuring sightlines are kept clear, rather than cutting back every metre of overgrowth. We actively manages vegetation all year round, but large-scale activities are best suited to winter when the waterways are quieter and disturbance to wildlife is minimised.

While most of the national programme of work is carried out by specialist contractors, we are working alongside volunteers to deliver the work. 

Matthew Symonds, national boating manager at the Trust, said: "We know how important keeping trees and hedges under control is to boaters and we’re committed to tackling those places where overgrowth is causing problems whilst ensuring that important wildlife habitat is maintained. 

"We’ve listened to customer feedback and worked with boaters to identify the places that need the most attention and, this winter, we’re investing three quarters of a million pounds into a programme targeting the areas that will make the biggest difference for our boating customers. 

"Managing the ever-growing flora across 2,000 miles of waterways is like painting the Forth Bridge, and we welcome every extra pair of volunteer hands. It’s really satisfying to see the difference you’ve made at the end of the day, and being by the water and active can brighten up the dark winter months.  Thank you to all the volunteers who will be getting involved."