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'Robo-Weir' installed to keep Newbury's water flowing

A new automated weir has been installed on the River Kennet, to help regulate water levels through Newbury’s historic town centre.

The weir, known as a radial gate, has been installed at Greenham Mill.

Costing £55,000, the weir is designed to cope with higher levels of water, and is expected to last at least 20 years. It will be automated to react to changing water levels, and will ensure that the river remains navigable for boats throughout the year.

More efficiency

Nigel Taylor, our maintenance engineer, said: “Having a weir that's able to adjust itself to changing water levels is great, as it means it can react faster to changing conditions. It's like the Robocop of the water management world, in that it's more efficient. It's also the best thing there is to make sure the river has the right amount of water in it.”

Mark Evans, waterway manager, said: “The River Kennet is at the heart of Newbury, and keeping the water supply constant and at the right levels is crucial to maintaining safe navigation and to the health of the river and its wildlife. This new weir is part of a series of structures that regulate the water supply, and ultimately keep Newbury's water flowing.”

Last Edited: 01 May 2015

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