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Recycling dumped rubbish on the Grand Union Canal

Usually fly-tipped rubbish is an unsightly menace along our canals and rivers. However, a recent pile of bricks left thoughtlessly along the Grand Union Canal will be put to good use repairing our bridges.

We're planning to recycle over 100 heritage bricks after they were recently found to be thoughtlessly fly tipped along the canal in Marsworth, Hertfordshire.

The bricks, which are characteristic of the local area and are thought to have once been part of someone's home, will be re used when carrying our heritage brick repairs along the canal. The 100 year old bricks will be cleaned, sorted and used by maintenance teams to repair the many characteristic hump back bridges and lock chamber walls which are all typical features of the 200 year old canal.

Heritage repairs

John Best, chair of the South East waterways partnership for the Canal & River Trust, said: “It's not every day that something positive comes from finding rubbish dumped along the canal but in this case it has for once, actually saved us some money, as we can use these bricks when carrying out heritage repairs to the waterways.

“Fly tipping is illegal, and not only do we spend thousands of pounds every year removing this rubbish from the waterway, it makes the waterways looked unloved and can actually harm the local wildlife and be a hazard to boaters and visitors.”

Last Edited: 13 August 2013

photo of a location on the canals
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