News article created on 29 November 2012

Proposals to reduce flooding in London

We're planning to make improvements to a number of weirs on the Regent’s Canal, making them even more efficient during periods of heavy rain.

Staff play a hidden role ensuring London’s canals stay safe during heavy rains.

Jon Guest

We're proposing to give the existing weirs crenulated edges, which will increase surface area and allow higher volumes of water to flow over them. This will reduce the risk of flooding to neighbouring properties and businesses during storms. The works will also enable us to accept surface water discharges from new developments in the area and will allow us to safely reduce the resources needed to deal with water control in bad weather.

The proposed improvements are to be carried out to weirs that are located in locks along the Regent’s Canal. We will carry out environment and heritage assessments, including a survey of each lock to ensure any works will not damage the original lock. If there is a need in future to restore the locks to their original purpose, the works will be able to be reversed. The works will also include dredging around the weirs.

Water management 

We have sent the proposals to local stakeholders for consultation, including Friends of Regent’s Canal, the Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society, the Inland Waterways Association and the Trust’s own London Waterway Partnership.

Jon Guest, London waterway manager at the Canal & River Trust, says: “Our staff play a hidden role ensuring London’s canals stay safe during heavy rains. The plans to improve the weirs offer an opportunity to reduce the risk of flooding along the Regent’s Canal and give us even greater control of water management.  Britain’s weather can be unpredictable, as this week’s storms have shown!”