News article created on 25 February 2020

New appointments made to Fisheries & Angling Advisory Group

We are pleased to announce the appointment of three new members to the Fisheries & Angling Advisory Group

Canal bridge reflection

The group, which is comprised of experienced practitioners who volunteer their time, helps the Trust reflect on angling and fisheries management issues. They ensure that plans around fisheries and angling are appropriate, well managed, and in line with the charitable objectives of looking after our waterways - making life better by water and improving the wellbeing of all those who visit.

Joining the group are Mike Heylin, Mark Parry and David Ottewell.

Mike Heylin

Mike Heylin is an entrepreneur and business manager with a marketing, PR, advertising and sales background in consumer and business-to-business markets. He has proven ability as a secretary and administrator to numerous fisheries, angling and voluntary community and social groups, and has run club stillwater fisheries for more than 25 years. Mike is a life-long political and environmental activist. He grew up fishing the Grand Union Canal at Boxmoor and is currently active with the Angling Trades Association, which, like the Trust, is a National Angling Strategy partner.

Mark Parry

Mark Parry has been secretary of Port Sunlight Angling Club for the last 15 years, having joined as a junior in 1982. A recently retired police officer, he worked as a dedicated school officer for many years. Mark also has a Diploma of Education in Safer Schools and Youth Engagement, using fishing as a means of engaging with hard-to-reach young people.

He is a Level 2 angling coach and introduced his club to canal fishing and the Let’s Fish! campaign. Mark is married and lives in Cheshire, a few hundred yards from the canal where his parents moored their boat when he was a child.

David Ottewell

David Ottewell is a fisheries technical specialist with Natural England. David brings profound knowledge of the management of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), freshwater fisheries legislation and expertise in the management of non-native invasive species.

David started his fishing career on the banks of the Trent & Mersey Canal around Burton.

Saying goodbye

Leaving the group after serving two full terms are Peter Fieldhouse and Richard Pilkinton. Both Peter and Richard have made a major contribution during their tenure by helping to grow and develop angling on the waterways, in particular through the Let’s Fish! campaign.

John Ellis, national fisheries and angling manager, said: “Being by the water is a recipe for better health and happiness, and angling is a fantastic way to feel the benefits.

"Our Fisheries & Angling Advisory Group is made up of highly experienced individuals who kindly volunteer their time to help us, and I’m delighted to welcome Mike, Mark and David onboard. I’d also like to thank Peter and Richard, who have made a real difference in the time they’ve spent with us.”