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New angling competition to rejuvinate Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal

The first angling competition in over 30 years is to take place on the Ladyshore section of the Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal.

A new angling club – Little Britain Anglers – has been formed to breathe new life into angling on the canal, parts of which have lain derelict for many years.

The club was set up specifically to take on the task of re-introducing angling on the canal while working with other groups to improve the waterway for everyone to enjoy.

We've now granted the fishing rights for the canal to Little Britain Anglers, with the exception of a section already being looked after by Bolton & District Angling Association.

Restore the canal

The match will be held on Saturday 15 August and the club hopes it will act as a recruiting ground for new members and volunteers to help restore the canal.

The competition is being held on the Ladyshore stretch of the canal at Little Lever, Bolton, BL3 3LB. If you are interested in signing up for the competition just go to the Face Book page of Little Britain Angler and add your name to the list.

Opened in 1796 the canal is 15 miles long and was used mainly for shipping coal but as the mines reached the end of their working lives sections of the canal fell into disuse and disrepair. In 1987 the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal Society was formed and has been working tirelessly with the Canal & River Trust and other volunteer groups to restore the canal.

Chairman of Little Britain Anglers Eric Owen said: “Our aim is to bring back fishing to the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal. I used to fish on the canal as a kid with my dad as I am sure many people did and it was great fun. But this isn't just about fishing, we want to work with the Canal & River Trust and other volunteer groups to help restore the canal.

“This is probably the first angling competition for 30 years on the Ladyshore section of the canal and we hope it will rekindle people's interest in fishing here and get volunteers signed up from the angling community to join working parties.”

Canal & River Trust fisheries and angling manager, John Ellis said: “The fishing rights on most of the Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal have not been looked after by an angling club for many years and we are delighted at the involvement of Little Britain Anglers.

“It's great that the local angling community are supportive of our long term plans to restore the canal fully and are prepared to get their hands dirty to help us achieve it.”

Last Edited: 07 August 2015

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