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More dredging planned for next two years

We're planning to carry out £15 million of dredging in the next two years as part of our £80 million 10-year dredging programme. We have agreed a two-year extension of our dredging contract with Land & Water to complete the increased amount of work.

The work will include both mainline dredging and regular spot dredging. The spot dredging programme aims to identify locations where smaller scale but regular dredging should take place to improve navigation where, for example, the depth of a canal might generally be sufficient but isolated spots might cause problems for boaters. Boater feedback is invaluable in helping the Trust's team prioritise the work.

Spot dredging

A £2 million programme of spot dredging is being developed for the current financial year with investigations taking place in 75 places across the country. These range from the tidal gates on the River Don to the Lancaster Canal to the River Lee.

In addition £5.3 million of dredging on 11 major projects is being carried out. One project, at Zouch on the River Soar, has already been completed and a further two projects are currently being worked on at Leicester on the Soar, and on the Trent & Mersey Canal between Aston and Iron Bridge. The dredging team has also started developing projects for the next two years.

Feedback from boaters

Vince Moran, operations director at the Trust, said: “We know how important dredging is to boaters and the targeted spot dredging we're carrying out should make a real difference in tackling the patches where boaters can encounter difficulties. We value feedback from boaters who can give us first-hand information to help us prioritise works. Land & Water is a great partner and has carried out some fantastic work, and the extension of our contract with them will bring even more benefits to boaters over the coming years.”

Boaters should contact their local waterway with any suggestions, details of which can be found here: </contact-us/contacting-your-local-office>

Last Edited: 08 June 2015

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