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£298,000 repairs for River Lea

A popular stretch of the River Lea in Hertford is undergoing major repairs, as we replace the waterway wall outside the Old Barge Pub.

We're going to replace a 20-metre section of the wall, as the existing brick work has begun to subside.

Engineers will install a dam around the affected section and remove gravel bags that are currently reinforcing it, before rebuilding it brick-by-brick.

The work is expected to take 12 weeks and cost £298,000. The river will remain open to boats during this time, but there will be some diversions to the footpath.

Over 100 years old

The River Lea Navigation dates back to the late eighteenth century, with the existing waterway wall on this stretch estimated to be well over 100-years old.

Rob Drinkwater, Canal & River Trust senior project manager, said: “This is a really popular stretch of the River Lea, especially being outside the pub, so we're pleased to be getting the wall fixed, after a couple of false starts.

"It's a major piece of work, so will take a few weeks to get done and is a good example of the type of thing we have to do to keep the River and its infrastructure in good condition. There's no danger posed by the existing wall, but we wanted to get it done this winter, so that there is a long term solution for everyone who enjoys the River here.”

Last Edited: 13 October 2015

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