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Lancaster canal hosts new angling competition

A new angling competition sponsored by the Canal & River Trust has been set up to encourage anglers from Poland and other Eastern European countries to join angling clubs and commercial fisheries.

The competition – the Canal & River Trust Lure Challenge – is to be held on the Lancaster Canal around Glasson Dock on Saturday 2 May between the Pike Angling Club of Great Britain and the Polish Anglers from all over the UK.

The Angling Trust is responsible for fishing across the country and this competition is part of their ‘Building Bridges' project set up to help anglers from Poland and other Eastern European countries to understand UK angling laws and customs.

Exciting competition

Through the ‘Building Bridges' project it is hoped to educate and integrate Polish and Eastern European anglers with UK anglers and clubs.

Eric Edwards. Fisheries Manager for the Pike Angling Club of Great Britain, which is responsible for the Lancaster Canal, said: “This should be a fantastic competition. The Polish Angler's Association has some great fishermen, so this should be a keenly fought contest.

“There have been problems in the past on the Lancaster Canal, but we hope through competitions like this that we can encourage Polish and other Eastern European fishermen to abide by UK angling laws and customs and make many new friends.”

Radoslaw Pepiewski, who works for the Angling Trust on the ‘Building Bridges' project and also helped set up the Polish Angler's Association said: “We believe that the main cause of problems in the past is a lack of understanding of angling culture in England and we are as keen to do as much as possible to encourage anglers from Poland and other Eastern European communities to become involved in clubs and mainstream events so that they become bound by their rules and culture. The vast majority of Polish and Eastern European anglers are very skilful anglers and practice catch and return.”

Local community

John Ellis, our national fisheries and angling manager said: “During the last few years it has been discovered that migrant anglers are well organised in local fishing groups and they are encouraging responsible angling practices within their own communities. These anglers contribute a lot to the local angling community economy.

"We are delighted to support this competition and be part of the ‘Building Bridges' project to help integrate immigrant anglers into mainstream UK angling.”

Last Edited: 28 April 2015

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