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Great news for wildlife on the Ribble Link

Wildlife habitats along the Ribble Link in Preston have been given a boost this year thanks to public support for a £2,500 appeal to improve the area.

In July we launched an appeal to raise funds to help deliver a range of wildlife improvements along the Ribble Link. The money raised will now pay for the materials to create a range of new bird and bat boxes, scrub plants, new black poplar trees and other wildflowers to enrich and transform the area into a hot spot for nature and improve the visitor experience.

To continue the success of the project we're now asking local communities to come out and get their hands dirty. We need volunteers to help carry out scrub clearance and other vegetation works in readiness for the installation of new bird and bat boxes which will be made by St Bernard's Primary School.

Great wildlife corridor

Chris John, national ecologist for the Canal & River Trust said: “The Ribble Link acts as a great wildlife corridor that connects the Lancaster Canal to the Ribble Estuary and it provides habitats for a wide range of species such as kingfishers and sand martins. It's important that we continue to deliver these added enhancements which help provide food and shelter which are essential to their long term survival.

“Improving and creating habitats for waterway wildlife is a key element of our ecology work at the Canal & River Trust. However, simply creating habitats doesn't go far enough. We want visitors to our canals and rivers to be able to connect with waterside nature within their local environment and help us provide ongoing protection and management to these areas. This local ownership is vital to the success of projects like this so we hope that people will be able to join forces with us and help us in our efforts.”

In support of the project a further £2,000 has been donated by Lancashire County Council which will help provide wider landscaping work, habitat creation and better visitor interpretation.

Those interested in helping deliver the practical improvements should contact Katie Jackson at [email protected] or call 0303 040 4040.

Last Edited: 25 February 2013

photo of a location on the canals
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