News article created on 8 March 2018

Gender pay gap statement published

This International Women’s Day we're publishing our annual Gender Pay Gap Compliance Statement, which shows effectively no pay gap between male and female employees.

The pay and bonus gaps reflect the composition of our workforce. There is a larger proportion of men than women working in operational and maintenance roles with typically lower rates of pay, alongside proportionately more women in higher-paying professional and management roles.

Richard Parry, chief executive at the Canal & River Trust, said: "We firmly believe in gender equality across all aspects of our employment, including pay, and I’m pleased that across the Trust there is effectively no pay gap. We want to encourage more women to work at all levels across the Trust.                                              

"International Women’s Day 2018 is focusing on striving for gender parity. The Trust is committed to this goal and we will continue to make our organisation a fair and welcoming place for all who work to make life better by water."

Our Gender Pay Gap Compliance Statement can be found here.