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Final week of art exhibition at Gloucester Waterways Museum

Gloucester’s art and canal fans have just a few days left to see the acclaimed Year Of The Boat exhibition at the Gloucester Waterways Museum.

The paintings have been on display since May 31 and will be leaving the museum on June 22.

Inspired by the beauty of the nation's waterways, highly acclaimed artist Rob Pointon embarked on a year-long painting project, Year of the Boat, touring the canals and rivers on a narrowboat. The exhibition space at Gloucester Waterways Museum is showcasing the key pieces of the year's tour.

Rob is an artist of international renown whose clients include, among others, HRH The Prince of Wales. All of his work is done on location, which brings an energy and vibrancy to the atmosphere of the paintings, reflecting the experience and the scene being depicted.

Rob is donating a percentage of the sales to help us continue to care for the nation's historic waterways.

High quality exhibition

Museum manager Doreen Davies said: “It's been great to have such a high quality exhibition in the museum this month and we're hoping that the last few days will bring visitors back to see their favourite picture once more or perhaps find some other pieces they overlooked the first time around!”

Rob adds: “Rediscovering our country from a narrowboat's perspective has been a phenomenal experience. To have the ability to take your own space into breath-taking countryside and be surrounded by water and wildlife, or alternatively be able to moor in the centre of our cities, has given such inspiration to this exhibition. This body of work holds more personal meaning than any other I have produced, in terms of its scale, duration, endeavour and my artistic development throughout.”

Last Edited: 19 June 2013

photo of a location on the canals
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