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Family fun to float your boat at Fradley Junction this weekend

We are inviting families to Fradley Junction this weekend to learn all about the colourful narrowboats they can find on their local canal.

A narrowboat moves along the canal, surrounded by trees

Visitors will be able to make and decorate their very own narrowboat and test how much a model boat can hold before it sinks. They can also follow a canal trail along the towpath, spotting narrowboats and picking up interesting facts along the way.

The event, which runs from 11am until 2pm, is being organised by the Trust's ‘Explorers' education programme aimed at teaching kids all about the wildlife of their local canals as well as how to enjoy them safely. The activity is run by volunteers and is part of the Trust's monthly programme of events enabling local people to get out in the fresh air and learn about their local history.

Sarah Cook, our education coordinator, said; "Everyone loves boats and Fradley is one of the busiest spots on the canal network to spot them so our event this weekend should be really enjoyable.

"It's a great opportunity to see lots of colourful narrowboats and perhaps use them as inspiration for your own creation. We hope that lots of families join us to have some fun while learning about the history of the canal and enjoying the great outdoors.”

The junction marks the meeting point of the Trent & Mersey and Coventry Canals and has supported a hive of activity on the canal over the past two centuries. Nowadays, with Fradley Pool, it has become a haven for wildlife and a popular visitor destination.

The Fradley Education Volunteers lead visits where children can learn all about their local canal and the wildlife which lives around it. The volunteers can also provide cub-scout and brownie visits to Fradley in the Spring/Summer months. For more information on school or event activities, please email [email protected]

Last Edited: 14 March 2017

photo of a location on the canals
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