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Cheshire anglers notch up over 2,000 volunteer hours

A Cheshire Angling club has invested over 2,000 voluntary hours to improve a reservoir for the entire community.

Macclesfield Victoria Angling club have the fishing rights to Sutton reservoir near Macclesfield, which supplies water to the Macclesfield Canal.

In 2012 the angling club adopted the reservoir as part of our adoption programme, an increasingly popular way of giving communities the chance to work together with our local teams to shape the future of the waterways.

Making a difference

Since then the angling club has invested over 2,000 voluntary hours improving the path around the reservoir, building steps down to fishing spots and cutting back overgrown vegetation.

Canal & River Trust volunteer development co-ordinator Steve O'Sullivan, said: “The adoption of the reservoir by the angling club is a great example of how a local community organisation can make a big difference to local facilities.

“Since they formerly adopted the reservoir in 2012 they have contributed over 2,000 volunteer man hours and now the reservoir offers excellent facilities for both the anglers and the local community.

“This is a perfect example of how local people can help bring about change by being prepared to invest their own time which is matched by the expertise and materials supplied by the Canal & River Trust.”

Sense of ownership

David Moss, match secretary for the fishing club adds: “The path around the reservoir was in very poor condition and there were places where it was becoming impossible to fish. By adopting the reservoir and working with the Canal & River Trust we have been able to use our own volunteers to improve the facilities for everyone's benefit.

“The main work has been to provide a hard path around the reservoir and we are about three quarters of the way round now with work parties going out once or twice a month. Our members really enjoy doing the work and it gives them a real sense of ownership of the reservoir.”

If your organisation is interested in adopting your local waterway please contact [email protected]

Last Edited: 31 March 2015

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