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Canal & River Trust on Blue Peter

Tune into BBC One today (10 April) at 5.30pm to watch Blue Peter help us carry out a fish rescue on the Dudley Canal.

When we're carrying out repairs to the canal we often have to drain it. This means that we'll carry out a fish rescue to make sure that we don't harm any fish while we're working.

To rescue the fish our experts will jump into the canal in a huge pair of waders and then stun the fish so that they float to the surface. They'll then carefully scoop them up and relocate them to a new stretch of canal. It doesn't harm the fish at all.

This fascinating and essential job is just one of the many things that we do regularly to maintain our waterway network. However, not many people get to see a fish rescue taking place and so we're thrilled to be able to share the action with the Blue Peter audience.

If you've watched the episode with your children and you've been inspired to visit our waterways then take a look at our Explorers pages. They'll give you plenty of ideas for a family day out by the canal.

Last Edited: 10 April 2014

photo of a location on the canals
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