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Canal & River Trust brand

In May we will be launching a revitalised brand for the Trust. This is part of our plans to accelerate growth in awareness of, and broaden support for, the Trust. The rebrand is based on feedback from market research focus groups, which included representatives from our customers, volunteers, staff, supporters and perhaps, most significantly, people who don’t currently use our waterways or know about the Trust.

Whilst we want to have impact, we are also doing everything we can to keep costs to a minimum. This means that a new look and feel will be rolled out gradually over 2-3 years, in many cases as and when things need replacing, so the majority of costs would be part of our normal business spend. No new money has been spent on developing our updated look, it has been paid for through our existing marketing budget.

We will be launching our new look at the end of May. Not everything will change at once, as we have said, but you should see some changes straight away – an updated website and social media pages, some newly branded vans, uniform and more engaging signage in key locations.

We understand how important it is to maintain the historic waterway infrastructure in our care and we are spending more money on that vital work year on year. We believe it is also important to engage effectively with all the millions of people on and around the waterways so we gain their support for our work and the positive impacts we can have. Our new brand will help us to do this.

Last Edited: 19 March 2018

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