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Canal & River Trust behind the scenes at the Olympics

While we’re all glued to the sporting action on the TV, the Canal & River Trust has been busy working behind the scenes to ensure our waterways are seen at their best by the watching world.

Visitors to the Olympic Park will today be treated to live performances of the Owl and the Pussy Cat, performed by the Royal Opera House, thanks to an overnight operation by Canal & River Trust staff to bring the performance pontoon into the park.

There will be three performances today, which will be beamed on the LiveSite screen to make sure as many people as possible can see the show. Staff from the Canal & River Trust will man the boat ‘knickknack', which is providing a shuttle for the performers to the pontoon.

The Queen's Rowbarge

Visitors to the Olympic Park can also see The Queen's Rowbarge, Gloriana, moored on one of the Park's most prominent waterways.

It was quite a challenge to bring Gloriana in to the Olympic Park. Staff from the Canal & River Trust had to set water levels within the Park to allow Gloriana to fit under the low bridges on the way. A team from the Maritime Heritage Trust also removed part of the stern, including the royal crest, to reduce her height before building her up again once in the Park.

Jon Guest, London waterway manager at the Canal & River Trust, said: “Gloriana is a beautiful vessel and she will be moored in a really wonderful setting. Visitors to the Olympic Park will be able to enjoy a view of this beautiful craft in the setting of the newly-regenerated waterways that run through the Olympic Park.”

Last Edited: 02 August 2012

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