Five ways to take a break from Black Friday hype

Don’t get caught up in the Black Friday hysteria this year. Save yourself some money and plenty of unneeded stress by avoiding the sales and escaping to a much more rewarding environment.

Do you really need more electronic appliances in your life? Will last season’s cut-price coat really buy you happiness?  While everyone else is engrossed in competitive shopping why don’t you take a break and escape to our canals and rivers, either virtually or physically?

We work hard to make sure that our canals and rivers offer the escape you need when life gets too hectic and we believe we’ll be needed more than ever on Black Friday.

Sometimes life can make you feel like you only have a minute to spare, so we’ve put together a series of virtual visits that you can enjoy wherever you are.

Here are your escapes in 60 seconds…

Take a break at Bradford on Avon

Take a break at Foxton

Take a break at Caen Hill

Take a break with all the family

Last date edited: 27 November 2019