Last chance to see: Friction Project

Reward your curiosity and inner child at this interactive art installation currently exhibiting at Gloucester Waterways Museum until 13 April.

Where else in the world can you see an Interplanetary Receiver, An Analytical Engine and a Gramophone Planetarium, all in one travelling cabinet of curiosity? You can for a limited time at The Friction Project: A Miniature Museum of Museums, exhibiting at Gloucester Waterways Museum until April 13 before it continues its tour of Gloucestershire.

The Friction Project is a unique art installation mingling fact with fiction by artists Tara Downs and Bart Sabel. The project brings together steam-age engineering, automata and sculpture, all in the form of an interactive desk that viewers are invited to touch, activate and have their imaginations titillated. All the components have been 'foraged' from the collections of three different museums in Gloucestershire, exploring the theme of 'friction' through Downs and Sabel's mind-bending inventions.

"We reward inquisitive actions by audiences by creating a range of ways to trigger lighting, animate automata and activate images and sounds," Downs and Sabel say of The Friction Project. "We experiment with provoking curiosity – making visible the mechanisms usually unseen, presenting things based on truth but also teetering over the edges of fantasy."

Intrigued? Go on, reward your curiosity and inner child while the exhibition lasts:

Gloucester Waterways Museum – until 13 April 2015

Open daily throughout the year, 11am-4pm

Museum in the Park, Stroud – 18 April to 31 May 2015

Holst Birthplace Museum, Cheltenham – 12 June to 1 September 2015

Last date edited: 8 April 2015

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