3km walk around Rimrose Valley, North Loop

A short circular walk which takes in Rimrose Valley and the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

Leeds & Liverpool Canal Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Start point: Brindley Close, L21 9NR 

End point: Brindley Close, L21 9NR 

Distance: 3km

The route

1. Start at the car park on Brindley Close. Walk over the bridge and onto the towpath.
2. Walk along the towpath until you reach Cookson's Bridge pub.
3. Once you get to the pub, walk up to the main road and turn left and through an opening in the gate for pedestrians onto Rimrose Valley Park.
4. Follow the main path through Rimrose Valley until you get to a large junction.
5. Turn left and follow the path down to the canal.
6. When you get onto the towpath, turn left onto the towpath and walk back over the bridge to the car park.