Water safety and magnet fishing

Our waterways are enjoyed by thousands of people every day. And many of you take an interest in the weird and wonderful items that sometimes find their way to the bottom of the canal. However, removing these from the canal can be dangerous without the appropriate support.

Carefully clearing debris from the canal bed Carefully clearing debris from the canal bed

It’s great that people are interested in getting rubbish out of the canal, however we don't allow magnet fishing as it can be extremely dangerous. Items dragged out by magnets could be sharp or heavy and cause you to be dragged into the water. We’ve even had reports of people fishing out old war bombs and dumped weapons.

When people leave piles of metal on the towpath, it can cause problems for other visitors, for example families with young children.

Safer alternatives to magnet fishing

There are lots of ways you can enjoy the canal safely. Research published recently shows that people are happier and less stressed by water, so the canal is definitely a great place to visit. For those keen on fishing, there’s lots of ways to do this as an alternative to magnet fishing.

And, if you’re keen on helping to clean up the canal, why not join one of our regular volunteering groups.

Last date edited: 9 November 2020