Stay safe on your night out

We’ve all been looking forward to making the most of precious moments with friends and loved ones this winter. Find out how to stay safe near water if a relaxation in coronavirus restrictions means you can head out for a night of festivities, or if you’d like to escape the indoors to enjoy some cool crisp winter air.

Check the latest coronavirus tier restrictions for your area

This year, part of staying safe includes staying up to date with coronavirus guidance. Before making plans to head out, check the latest advice from the government. You can also keep up to date with our response to coronavirus.

Charlie Pope

Charlie Pope was 19 when he drowned on a night out in Manchester.

Watch the reactions of a group of young people as they hear his father Nick talk about Charlie and what happened on the evening he died.

When you’re on a night out, please look out for one another. If you go out together, stay together, and take a route home away from the water.

Last date edited: 27 November 2020