Give back

Whether it's because you want to meet others, make an impact or get out the house, giving back can boost happiness and inspire others.

Litter picking in Alvechurch Litter picking in Alvechurch

Why is it good to give?

Helping someone, contributing time to a good cause and volunteering your efforts for something in need are ways you can give.

The act of giving through time, care and attention is kindness at its best. It spreads compassion and gives you and those you've helped, a shared positive experience. It can also improve your physical health and wellbeing if you combine volunteering with physical activity.

How you can give back

There are lots of way you can give back to your community along our canals and rivers, and it's an important step in our five ways to wellbeing

Your stories

The amazing news is lots of you are already enjoying giving back to local communities:

Last date edited: 19 April 2021