Meet Well-B

Well-B is our extraordinary little friend, who has recently discovered that our canals and rivers are a great place to spend time to recharge.

Well-B relaxing with friends Well-B relaxing with friends

We don’t know how, but Well-B gets energy from people and places. Look carefully at the wellbeing monitor on Well-B’s chest and you’ll know just how Well-B feels. 

Well-B doesn’t like the hustle, bustle and noise of busy streets in towns and cities. In fact, Well-B becomes tired and sad after spending too much time there - they drain Well-B’s energy and the wellbeing monitor dips to a low red flicker. 

Feeling this way makes Well-B go in search of nearby places to recharge, places where people enjoy spending time.

Life's better by water

Well-B’s favourite place is by the local canal or river because it feels great being by water.

Here, Well-B mixes with people taking life at a much gentler pace, enjoying the tranquil sights and sounds around and about.

Well-B loves all the different things going on down by the water. Whether people are walking, running, biking, boating, fishing, resting, spotting wildlife or simply seeking a bit of headspace, Well-B enjoys being with them all. 

Feeling fully recharged, Well-B's monitor beams bright blue and Well-B starts to feel much better.

One thing Well-B knows for sure is that life’s better by water and the more time people spend there, recharging in their own favourite way, the happier and healthier they can feel.

Last date edited: 23 June 2021