Ways to give along your canal

Your local waterway is full of opportunities for you to help other people.

Bernard, Volunteer Bernard, volunteer

Volunteering with the Trust has changed my life and I want others to join in and change theirs too.

Why is it good to give?

Giving back to your community is an important step in the five ways to wellbeing. Multiple studies have found that acts of kindness can have a positive effect on your feelings of self-worth and belonging.

How can you give by your local canal?

Well-B recharging by the canal
  • Give your time. The canal is a great place to take a friend out for a walk.
  • Join our community of volunteers and keep your local canal beautiful.
  • Take part in our Plastics Challenge to keep plastic out of the ocean.
  • Make some fun memories with your kids with some outdoor time.
  • Donate to us at the Canal & River Trust, to help us to keep our canals and rivers open for everyone.

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Last date edited: 12 November 2020