Waterway Wanderers permits for angling clubs

Any angling club registering with us in advance can join our Waterway Wanderers scheme as one group.

Anglers on Walsall Canal (image courtesy of Steve Cope) Walsall Canal (image courtesy of Steve Cope)

How club registration works

  • Registration is free but clubs must hold third-party public liability insurance.
  • Registered clubs with 10 or more joining members can get Waterway Wanderers season permits at a concessionary rate of £10.
  • All club permits are bought in blocks of five, with a minimum purchase of 10. This also entitles the registered club to a certain number of free matches (a £10 booking fee is needed but no peg fees) on any fishery within the Waterway Wanderers scheme as set out below.
Number of participating members Number of free matches  Maximum size 
 10  2  10 pegs 
 15  3 15 pegs
 20  4 20 pegs
 25  5 25 pegs
 30  6 30 pegs
 35 and upwards  10 100 pegs

Extra matches on top of your free allocation will be charged at £3 per peg, plus the booking fee.

Note: not all club members need to purchase a Waterway Wanderers permit.

Where you can fish

Have a look at the list of our Waterway Wanderers stretches.

Match bookings for non-registered clubs

For non-registered clubs wanting to book a match, the match peg fee will be £5 per peg, plus a £10 booking fee, with a minimum match size of 10 pegs.

Please email us if you have any questions.

Last date edited: 15 December 2020