Canal pairs championships

The annual canal pairs championships sees regional qualifying heats taking place during the summer across England, with further heats in Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Qualifying pairs compete in the grand final during the autumn.

Canal Pairs Championships Shropshire Union Canal Canal Pairs Championships Shropshire Union Canal

Entering the 2021 championships

You can enter a qualifying heat for the 2021 Canal Pairs Championships on the Angling Trust website - click here to book a qualifying heat.

Qualifying heats 2021

Carried over from 2020

  • Welsh cancelled heat [Qualified pairs; Robert Skellet & Paul Waddington, Mikey Williams & Mark Jones]


  • Sunday 9 May Moira Canal, Dave Gough [Qualified pairs; Dave Gough & Paul Middleton, Ben Sharratt & Jason Cunningham, Bradley Titmas & Jason Jeenes, Ron Scales & Roger Marlow, Phil Dayman & Ron Hodgson]

  • Sunday 16 May Droitwich Canal, Robert Francis [Qualified pairs; Anthony Walsh & Malcolm Appleby, Scott Geens & Ed Warren, Anthony Iliff & Tim Biddle, James P & Tom B]

  • Sunday 16 May Bridgwater & Taunton Canal, Daniel Baldwin [Qualified pairs; Lee Trivitt & Richard Chave, Nick Collins & Steven Kedge, Robert Fuller & Steven Maynard, Jon Martin & Oly Nicholls]

  • Sunday 23 May Shropshire Union Canal, Soudley, Dave Watkins/Terry Nutt [Qualified pairs; Scott Doodson & Dave Brown, Wayne Kearney & Simon Beswick, Dave Lloyd & Richard Guest, Kev Clarke & Dave Edgerley, Paul Turner & Neil Turner, Dave McManus & Ian Morrison, Steve Brookes & Dave Mawby, Paul Murrin & Dave McCall, Richard Tomala & Steve Hurst]

  • Saturday 29 May Erewash Canal, Peter Allwood [Qualified pairs; Robert Parker & Pete Hunt, Dave Trafford & Stuart Bird, Robert Aldred & John Lock, Shawn Sawyer & Pete Cox]


  • Sunday 6 June Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Liverpool DAA, Peter Gradwell [Qualified pairs; Jonathan Leivers & Partner TBC, Anthony Marsden & Danny Martin, Anthony Lloyd & Paul Holding]

  • Sunday 13 June Grand Union Canal, Tring & Luton joint, Dennis Hunt/Dick Pilkinton [Qualified pairs; Matthew Cole & Steve Broome, James Lewis & Dave Lewis, James Drakulic & David Tebbutt]

  • Saturday 19 June Shropshire Union, Shebdon, Mark Wilton [Qualifying Pairs; Darren Massey & James South, Simon Preece & Simon Mottram, Keith Hulland & Fred Cheetham, Bernard Leatherbarrow & Phil Johnson, Martin Owen & Kev Perry, Dave Holbrook & John Garbett]

  • Sunday 27 June Coventry Canal, Darren Massey [Qualifying Pairs; Scott Westwood & Martin Mansfield and Darrell Wilson & Roger Parfitt]


  • Saturday 3 July Kennet & Avon Canal, Pewsey, Alan McColm [Qualifying Pairs; Nigel Franks & Steve Saunders, Andre Grandjean & Andy Pearce, Mike Withey & Marc Kay]

  • Saturday 3 July July Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Alan Round [Qualifying Pairs; D. Bradley & A. Crook, S. Nickless & S. Dudley, B. Yeomans & L. Olszewski, I. Fewtrell & C. Blurton, M. Wood & B. Jones]

  • Saturday 10 July Grand Union Canal, Northamptonshire Nene, Chris Howard [Qualifying Pairs; M. Kettle & A. Barnes, C. Harris & G. Young, R. Gardom & M. Hargreaves, L. Newson & G. Smith, P. Passmore & D. Scott, M. Denton & T. Hobbs]

  • Sunday 11 July Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Wolverhampton AA, Paul Turner [Qualifying Pairs; P. Madeley & A. Round, D. Turner & J. Leeds, D. Richards & C. Westwood]

  • Sunday 25 July Grand Union Canal, Northamptonshire, Northampton Nene AC, Chris Howard [Qualifying pairs; P. Robinson & M. Davies, A. Stokes & P. Foster, B. Clarke & R. Weaver, S. Fogel & C. Harvey, A. Jagger & T. Price, R. Dzialak & D, Webb, J. Roberts & D. Ashington, C. Roberts and P. Riley, M. Colver & N. Bradshaw, W. Dalton & S. Gibbins, S. Ward & L. Richards]


  • Sunday 8 August Gloucester & Sharpness Canal, Mark Treasure [Qualifying pairs; W. Dalton & S Gibbins, S. Ward & L. Richards, D Hicklin & J. Leivers, S. Bryan & M. Gaylard, M. Maddocks & D. Grainger]

  • Sunday 15 August Leeds & Liverpool Canal/Bridgewater Canal, Leigh, Danny Martin [Qualifying pairs; A. Smith & M. Lewis, S. Padden & D. Meadows, D. Shaw & C. Mayor, S. Ashworth  & M. Priestley]

  • Sunday 22 August Shropshire Union Canal, Soudley. [Qualifying pairs: P. Tabron & M. Grimshaw; D Berrows & C. Talbot; K. Deacon & J. Gilbert; S. Birchall & J. Verbruggen]


  • Saturday 4 September Kennet & Avon Canal, Hungerford, John Williams [Qualifying pairs: Thomas Boyce & Richard Head; Barry Smith & Ian Orbell; Alan Donnelly & Mark Goddard]

  • Saturday 4 September Dudley No 2 Canal, Micky Howell [Qualifying pairs: Mark Roberson & Jason Evans; Lee Woodhouse & Micky Howell; Richie Reynolds & Paul Bick]

  • Saturday 4 September Gloucester & Sharpness Canal, Mark Treasure [Qualifying pairs: C. Vallender & A. Pollard; J. Fowles & M. Brush; T. Frampton & A. Powell; B. Pollard & A. Richings; P. Hamlyn & R. Chandler]

  • Sunday 5 September Dudley Canal, Steve Robson & A. Richards; [Cancelled]

  • Sunday 12 September Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Saltaire, Richard East [Qualifying pairs: Marc Ellement & Richard Yates, Chris Gorrell & John Brogden]

  • Sunday 12 September Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal, Abergavenny area, Ross Townley [Qualifying pairs: L. Edwards & J. Harvey; R. Whitemarsh & M. Williams; A. Carter & M. Marsden]
  • Sunday 19 Grand Union Canal, Loughborough, Roger Marlow [Qualifying pairs: Peter Allwood & Asa Cooper, David Smith & Charlie Gooch, M Alman & P Hubbard]

  • Sunday 26 September Trent & Mersey Canal, Middlewich area, Neil Latham [Cancelled]


  • Saturday 2 October Grand Union Canal, Foxton, Peter Laughton [Qualifying pairs: L. Waldron & M. Gorry; C. Nicholls & J. Dunkley; P. Kay & B. Cooper]

  • Sunday 3 September Llangollen Canal, Fenns Bank, Dave Watkins [Qualifying pairs: Steven Hughes & Danny Wilson; Neil Latham & Tony Swindells; Chris Birchall & Sean Wharton]

Grand final 2021

  • Saturday 16 October Shropshire Union Canal, Soudley area, Dave Watkins/Terry Nutt

There will be no day permits available for practice on the final venue after 30 September. Prior to that, there will be no day permits available on the bank unless booked in advance by emailing event organiser Dave Watkins.


Prizes for the 2021 competition are as per the below:

  • First place pair £200 RPP (voucher) plus two keepnets (one each)
  • Second place pair £150 RPP (voucher)
  • Third place pair £100 RPP (voucher)
  • Fourth place pair £50 RPP (voucher)
  • Best qualifying performance £50 RRP (voucher)

Number of qualifiers from each heat 

Number of pairs entering qualifier Numbers going through to final
Less than 8 pairs Heat cancelled
8-10 2
11-15 3
16-20 4
21-25 5
26-30 6
31-35 7
26-40 8
41-45 9
46-50 10
51 plus 11 maximum regardless of numbers of pairs competing
  • Minimum qualifying heat size of 8 pairs
  • Maximum entry 50 pairs unless stated

We organise this competition in partnership with the Angling Trust and with sponsorship from Dynamite Baits.

2020 winners

Congratulations to our canal pairs champions and runners up for 2020

Champions: Lee Trevitt and Richard Chave

Second place: D Hughes and Colin Talbot
Third place: Wayne Kearney and Simon Beswick
Fourth place: Simon Preece and Simon Mottram

You can watch a post-match interview with Lee and Richard on our angling Facebook page.

Read the full list of results

Last date edited: 12 October 2021