Risk assessment

All events organisers will need a risk assessment, so that we can ensure events are safe, well managed and that any potential disruption to other users is minimised.

Little dog dresses up for event Little dog dresses up for event

If you are unfamiliar with risk assessments we have provided a blank risk assessment template, a completed example and guidance notes. For larger events (500+) and those considered high risk a more detailed safety plan with emergency procedures will be required.

Event organisers have a legal responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all those involved in the planned event and those attending.

You may be thinking 'but I am a small walking group,' or 'there are only three of us doing the event.' Fair comments, but please read the comment above again, it does make sense, it doesn’t take long and if you plan to repeat the event all you need do is review your existing risk assessment. The good news is the information that we have provided you with will make it even easier.

Last date edited: 26 June 2018