Garstang to Lancaster canoe trail

Enjoy a gentle paddle along the Lancaster Canal and spot some of our quirkier bridges along the way.

Through the bridge at Garstang Through the bridge at Garstang

Distance: 12 miles (8 if you stop in Galgate)

Start your paddle at Kepple Lane Bridge, where you can put your boat in by the bridge and then paddle underneath it to set yourself off in a northerly direction.

The first bridge you’ll come across is an ornamental concrete bridge, followed swiftly by the A6, which runs over your head.

You’ll then pass through open countryside and through villages and a campsite before arriving at Ellel Grange Private Estate, where you’ll pass under some of the quirkier bridges on our network.

After travelling through a cutting you’ll emerge at Glasson Dock branch, which is another great canoe trail for the more experienced before reaching Galgate and its marina. You can get out here if you want to end your journey early or grab a bite to eat.

If you continue you’ll paddle over the River Condor and then past a housing estate before entering a long and deep cutting, filled with all kinds of wonderful wildlife. Your end point is a layby at Aldcliffe road, a short distance on from the end of the cutting.

Start: Kepple Lane Bridge Bridge no.62, Garstang, Preston, Lancashire PR3 1PB

Finish: Aldcliffe Road LA1 5BE

This trail has been put together by British Canoeing. Find out more about the route.


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