Chesterfield canoe trail

Enjoy a paddle along a stretch of the Chesterfield Canal, which has been isolated from the rest of the network. It feels rural in character, although it starts in the Chesterfield itself.

Boats on Chesterfield Canal, with people on grassy towpath Chesterfield Canal

Distance: 8 miles

Start: Tapton Lock Visitor Centre, S41 7JB

From the visitor centre cross to the other side of the canal to enter the water, where you’ll find a convenient slipway.

The first section of the canal is lined with trees, treating you to the occasional view of the open countryside between them.

After passing the Mill pub, the canal continues onto Wheeldon Mill Lock, where there’s simple portage and a small car park, allowing you to start the trail at this point if you would prefer.

The next lock is Bluebank Lock. From this point the trees give way to open countryside.

Two miles into the paddle you’ll reach Dixon’s lock. The canal banks are slightly higher here, although still offer fairly easy portage. Another half mile on and you’ll reach Hollingwood Hub, where you can take a rest before retracing your route back to the start.

End: Tapton Lock Visitor Centre, S41 7JB

This trail has been put together by British Caoneing. Find out more about this trail.

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