If you're planning an event on the our waterways take a look at our FAQs.

What do we class as an event?

An 'event' is a pre-planned activity that takes place on property owned or managed by the Canal & River Trust.

What if I don't have a computer? Am I still required to submit information electronically?

In the rare case of having no access to a computer we will accept hard copies by post. Please be aware though that this will slow the processing of your application down.

Do I have to provide you with a risk assessment and public liability insurance certificate straight away?

No, these will only be requested once we have looked through your application and agreed in principle for the event to proceed. If there is less than three months to your planned event all three may be requested.

What if I don’t sign or return the event agreement? Can my event still take place?

No, if we have not received a signed event agreement your event will not be able to proceed.

Can I still apply to the Canal & River Trust for the event to take place if I provide less than three months notice?

We will do our best to try and accommodate you, especially if this is the first time you have used our land for your event.

Are unpowered craft (canoes, kayaks and rowing boats) allowed through tunnels?

If part of an organised event and safely managed passage through the majority of tunnels is permitted.

Do all boats that take place in an event need to be licensed? Are there any special dispensations for charities?

All boats must be licensed. Although there are no discounts for charity the good news is prices are very reasonable. Visit our licensing pages for more information.

Once I have submitted my application how long will I have to wait to see in principle if my event can take place?

The timing for this is not set in stone but generally you should hear back within a month of submitting your application. This allows the event contact to discuss your application with colleagues, talk through with other waterway users and also consider any operational issues that may affect your event.

Is there a charge to hold an event on Canal & River Trust property?

The majority of events are free. However, if you have specifically requested ourhelp or support with an element of your event and we are able to help you may incur a charge.

Last date edited: 7 July 2021