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Considerate boating

Take a look at our guide to considerate boating.

Your boat licence terms and conditions include obligations designed to achieve harmony. For example, condition 7.5 says that you 'must not do (or carelessly fail to do) anything which will cause damage or nuisance to any person or their property.' This includes things like …

  • Generating excessive noise – whether human, dog or electricity generator. Please don’t use electricity generators, including the boat's engine between 8pm and 8am unless you are moored completely out of earshot of other people. If you are moored close to houses, avoid running the generator or engine when stationary and be responsive to neighbours' requests for peace and quiet.
  • Having a persistently smoky chimney in a built-up area.
  • Overspilling onto the towpath. Please keep your belongings on board the boat at all times. Doing repairs to your boat or other activities which involve use of powered equipment on the towpath is not allowed

Don’t hog the moorings!

You can moor along the towpath for short periods while cruising. This means up to 14 days or less where a local restriction applies, which is generally the case at designated visitor moorings. Please be fair to other boaters and don’t overstay. Increasingly, you may find yourself subject to an extended stay charge of £25 per day if you do. 

We have a well organised enforcement team whose job is to ensure that boats licensed and comply with mooring rules and licence conditions, but they’re not a police force, and we deliberately keep the team as small as possible so that more funds are available for maintaining the physical fabric of the waterways and associated services. So please help us to keep the waterways tranquil, harmonious and enjoyable places for all by being a considerate boater.

Historic boats

Please make allowance for historic boats, which are deep-draughted and much less controllable than modern boats. Single-cylinder engined boats, steamboats and horseboats are particularly difficult to handle - please give them plenty of room.

Join the considerate boaters!

Please pay a visit to www.considerateboater.com, an excellent independent website, dedicated to considerate boating on UK inland waterways and sign up as a supporter if you can.

Last date edited: 17 August 2015