How to use our maps

Need help with our maps? Whether you’re a boater looking for the nearest mooring or want to plan your route during our winter stoppages, or you're on foot or bike on our towpaths, here's how to use our maps to plan your journey on our canals and rivers.

Navigating our network

This map shows our entire network.

How to use our network pages' maps

To find the canal or river you want to see the details for, either:

  1. Click / zoom into this map, or
  2. Click the ‘View list’ grey button to see all 97 waterways individually and click the one you want
  3. Zoom into the maps on these pages fully to see details such as moorings or boaters’ facilities. Click the red ‘I’ icon in the bottom right hand corner for the key to the map.

Stoppages maps

Any canal / towpath closures, winter works that will stop your journey or information you need to take notice of, such as lock opening or tide times are listed in our ‘Stoppages and notices’ section.

  1. In the ‘affecting’ box start typing the name of the canal or river you want information on and when you see it, click it to populate the box
  2. Add the dates you’re interested in using the ‘from’ and ‘to’ drop down calendar
  3. You can always filter by type of notice you want by clicking the ‘Filter by type +’ button
  4. You can even select the order you want the stoppages list in
  5. To see them on our map, click the ‘View on a map’ button

How to use the stoppages search map and list

Something not right? Use our online map correction tool to let us know about it.

Last date edited: 5 November 2019