Boat safety scheme

The Boat Safety Scheme is like a boating version of the MOT. It sets standards for boats, their installations and components, which you must meet before buying your licence.

The scheme is designed to minimise the risks of fires or explosions on boats. The standards combine essential safety needs and best safety practice advice. They include criteria for boat systems such as electrical installations, inboard/outboard engines, appliances, ventilation and fuels.

The full set of BSS requirements applies to every boat based on Canal & River Trust and Environment Agency waterways. All new boats should already comply with the requirements. From then on, you need to get your boat examined once every four years.

Boats with no gas, electrical, heating or fuel systems are exempt.

To apply for a boat licence you will need a valid BSS certificate or exemption. Your boat must comply with the BSS requirements at all times when on our waters.

Visit the Boat Safety Scheme website.

Last date edited: 4 December 2018