Boating Buddies

Boats make our waterways special. We want our staff to understand what it’s like for the boaters who cruise, and live on, our canals and rivers. But most of our staff are based at home or in offices and don’t get to see things from a boater’s point of view.

Boating Buddies Boating Buddies on the water

The Boating Buddies scheme gives our staff the chance to spend a day out on the water with a boater (or two). It also lets boaters talk with our staff about the things that matter to them and their experiences of our waterways.

The people who’ve taken part in Boating Buddies tell us it’s helped to:

  • build positive relationships and make new friendships
  • give boaters an insight into the inner workings of our organisation
  • improve boating knowledge and understanding amongst staff

Get involved with Boating Buddies

The more boaters who volunteer to take part in Boating Buddies, the more people we’ll be able to get out on boats to help them better understand what it’s like for boaters on our waters.

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