Will you help nature recover?

A shocking 41% of the UK’s species are in decline.

Our country has lost almost half of the biodiversity it once had. Urbanisation, pollution and industrial farming has dramatically reduced suitable habitats, pushing nature into increasingly smaller, isolated pockets.

Yet canals can provide a unique mix of habitats where nature can thrive. What was a route for industry can today become a wonderful corridor of life, improving biodiversity and helping nature spread again.

With 2,000 miles of habitat along our canals and rivers, we need your support today to protect canals for nature so that species have a place to call home.

What we're doing to help nature recover

Discover some of the work already happening along our waterways to provide more habitats for wildlife.

Thank you

Thank you for supporting our work this spring. Together, we can help wildlife thrive along our waterways and keep canals alive with nature.

Last date edited: 27 April 2022