Grand Union Canal volunteering and biodiversity programme

We have launched a biodiversity and volunteering programme on the Grand Union Canal in Old Oak and Park Royal.

The project is funded by The Canal & River Trust, OPDC (Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporation), Mayor of London and LEAP (The Local Enterprise Partnership).

We've been working with OPDC for the last few years to maximise the potential of the canal. We were a key partner in OPDC’s Canal Placemaking Study (2019) and have provided our expertise to help inform OPDC's plans for the area. Together we've come up with a series of projects and initiatives to bring the canal to life.

You can find out more about the projects on OPDC’s ''In the Making'' project website.

Get involved

We're excited about continuing to work with OPDC to deliver on some of the ambitions of the Canal Placemaking study to create a green corridor of biodiversity along the canal and to build a network of committed volunteers in the area who can support this. We aim to improve the environmental conditions of the canal, enhance the sense of local ownership, and invite the local community to be part of a legacy of volunteering.

Come and join our volunteer team and help improve your local waterway. All welcome.

We’d love to engage with local businesses, residents, community groups and general canal usersso please email us at for more information and to register your interest with the project.

Upcoming events

Please register on our website for each event:

Volunteer Events:

Wellbeing Activities:


Please check this webpage regularly for future events.

Volunteers are invited to join for a portion of the session or bring a packed lunch and stay all day. All events will be delivered with current coronavirus guidelines with social distancing being adhered to, and all tools and equipment will be provided, together with expert and friendly support.

What we've done so far

Year 1

We have achieved great results from the first year of the volunteering and biodiversity project. Local volunteers have transformed this 5km stretch from  Scrubs Lane Bridge to Alperton Aqueduct. We have ran various volunteer events including:

  • towpath clean ups

  • vegetation clearance events

  • planting events

  • canoe/paddle picks

  • maintenance events

  • Aquatic ecosystem installations

Last date edited: 4 July 2022