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Hedge cutting

We've thousands of miles of hedgerow running alongside our waterways and all of them need managing to make sure they don’t grow over our towpaths. Each year we cut around 1,200 miles of hedgerow – that’s the equivalent of nine Hadrian’s walls.

We carry out maintenance on hedgerows between October and March, this helps to avoid any disturbance to nesting birds or bat roosts. 

The work is carried out through cutting or flailing to either the side and/or the top of the hedgerow. We make every effort to remove arisings as far as reasonably practicable off the towpath. 

We also lay new hedges in sections where the existing hedgerow has become overgrown and won’t respond well to being cut back. We have help from volunteering groups, community groups and our contractors to lay new hedges.

In 2014/15 we spent £622,000 cutting hedges.

Last date edited: 6 December 2017