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Contact us in South Wales & Severn

Contact details for South Wales and Severn Waterways.

SWS Customer Service Team SWS Customer Service Team

Email: enquiries.southwalessevern@canalrivertrust.org.uk

Waterway manager: Nick Worthington

Contacting the team

If you email the South Wales & Severn team you'll get through to the area's business support team. If you've got a question about a local matter or want to report a fault then they will direct your enquiry to the right person and let you know what we're doing about it. Please be patient though - we get so many enquiries that you may not get a response straight away.


South Wales and Severn Waterways
Canal & River Trust
The Dock Office
Commercial Road

You can call us on 01452 318008 / 01452 318047 / 01452 318023 to speak with one of our Customer Service Team or email us at Enquiries.southwalessevern@canalrivertrust.org.uk

Or please follow us at Twitter @CRTSWalesSevern

Opening times and services

This office is open 9.00 am - 16:00 Monday to Friday.

You may wish to purchase you electric card/keys or pump out cards at our online shop.

Should you wish to purchase a licence please contact our Boat Licencing Team

T: 0303 040 4040
E: Boat_licensing_Team@canalrivertrust.org.uk 
W: /enjoy-the-waterways/boating or /contact-us/ways-to-contact-us

Or you may wish to visit our "Self Help Pod" at Gloucester where you are free to come into the office and use a computer with the help of our local team to purchase your licence. We would like to advise all our customers that licences can now only be sold on line.

More information about winter moorings

We are committed to the equality of the Welsh language.  Please advise if you would like to continue this correspondence in Welsh. enquiries.southwalessevern@canalrivertrust.org.uk

Rydym wedi ymrwymo i gydrabboldeb yr iaith Gymraeg.  Rhowch wybod i ni os hoffech i barhau â’r ohebiaeth yn y Gymraeg.

Last date edited: 3 March 2017