We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

Meet our volunteering team

Find out more about the volunteers in Central Shires, and the important role that they play.

The Central Shires volunteering team is made up of Andrew Morris (Customer Operations Manager), Tom Freeland (Volunteer Development Coordinator) and Barry Keight (Volunteer Leader). Their role is to provide our volunteers with the ongoing support, encouragement and practical help they truly deserve.

Volunteering groups are continually out and about around the waterways, undertaking a wide range of projects, such as: Towpath Taskforce events at  Hawkesbury Junction, North Warwickshire, Tamworth, South Derbyshire, Fradley and Leicester.  We have a number of lock keeping volunteers to provide daily customer service at various sites around the Central Shires Region.

Towpath taskforce diary of events


Last date edited: 27 June 2016