Locks 29, 27 and 25, Bingley Five Rise, Leeds & Liverpool Canal


From Date: 05/01/2021 08:00

To Date: 19/02/2021 16:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Repair

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Starts at: Lock 29, Bingley 5 Rise Top Lock

Ends at: Lock 25, Bingley 5 Rise Bottom Lock

Upstream winding hole: Airedale Boat Club Swing Brige

Downstream winding hole: Below Lock 25, Bingley Five Rise Bottom Lock


Carry out repairs at Bingley Five Rise as follows: 

Lock 29 -  gate repairs to reduce leakage. 

Lock 27 - repairs to the gate heel area.

Lock 25 - gate repairs to reduce leakage.                                

Navigation windows will be available during the stoppage over the weekends of 23rd January and 6th February.

01/06/2020:  The information above is a draft notice of works planned as part of our winter 2020/21 stoppages programme.  This is subject to change depending on the latest advice from the UK government on coronavirus.  Please follow our guidance relating to coronavirus when using the canals and towpaths https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/coronavirus.


12/07/2020 15:05 - Canal & River Trust

Thank you very much for your observations regarding Bingley Five Rise and the great offer of help which has been passed on to our area operations manager. He has confirmed that the ground paddle boxes at Bingley Five Rise are partially made and will be fitted as soon as is possible. He will also investigate the broken boards on the bywash bridge.

As I’m sure you will be aware, we have a programme of winter repairs which is planned during the year and our focus is the delivery of these works in the timescale available. However, as the scope of the stoppage is refined, we also look at any arising work needed at each site to see if we could carry out those repairs at the same time.

24/06/2020 19:14 - Marcus Topham - Lead volunteer

The volunteers who work at this location would like to ask for the following repairs to be added: -
1) Could the last three ground paddle boxes that have not been refurbished be refurbished?
2) Could the replacement of the broken boards on the bywash bridge be replaced?
The volunteers who work at this site would be willing to assist with this work if needed.
Thank you.