Lock 86, Chorlton Street, Rochdale Canal


From Date: 25/09/2019 00:00

To Date: 22/10/2019 16:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Structure failure

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Rochdale Canal

Starts at: Lock 84 Dale St

Ends at: Lock 92 Castlefield


22/10/2019 15:47

We are pleased to advise navigation has resumed at Lock 86 on the Rochdale Canal.

22/10/2019 11:38

We are pleased to advise the repair to Lock 86 on the Rochdale Canal is now complete and the local team are onsite refilling the pound to allow for navigation.

An update will be provided once navigation has fully resumed, we anticipate this will be mid-afternoon.

14/10/2019 13:04

Our team have been working onsite over the weekend and will be continuing with the repair works this week. This includes installation of the scaffolding across the canal ready to install the new beams.

To be able to lift the beams in to place, a crane is needed onsite. Due to the populated, city centre location, Manchester City Council have authorised a full road closure on the evening of Monday 21 October.

The crane will enable to us to complete the repair to Lock 86 and a further update will be provided Tuesday 22 October.

11/10/2019 15:14

We are pleased to advise the dam has been deemed safe to work behind, the scaffolding has been fitted and the lock has been dewatered.

Our team are onsite today and have started the repair to Lock 86. The team will remain onsite over the weekend to carry on with the repair and an update will be provided Monday 14 October.

09/10/2019 15:34

Please be advised that the local authority has allowed us to proceed with these emergency works to the Grade II Listed Lock 86 on the Rochdale Canal, whilst the Listed Building application is being processed. This is enabling our team to install pumps and a fabric dam this week.

Once the dam has been approved to work behind safely, we will then be able to provide a further update.

26/09/2019 16:27

Our engineers have been to site and carried out their investigations. Whilst the gate remains intact, a repair to the gate is needed before we can open the canal to navigation.

Our teams are currently creating a method of repair which includes involvement from our Heritage Team due to the lock being a listed structure. We are currently working towards gaining permission from the local authority to be able to carry out the necessary works.

An update will be provided once we are able to start work onsite.


Please be advised navigation is closed between Lock 84, Dale Street and Lock 92, Castlefield Lock on the Rochdale Canal due to a failed gate at Lock 86, Chorlton Street.

To ensure the safety of our customers, padlocks will be placed on Lock 84 and Lock 92 to prevent access to the affected area.

An engineer will be onsite tomorrow and an update will be provided once they have carried out their investigations.