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Working boats set to return to Nottingham

Castle Wharf in Nottingham, once a bustling inland port and home to the famous Fellows, Morton & Clayton cargo company, is set to come alive with working boats once more as part of a special event celebrating Nottinghamshire’s waterways.

Our East Midlands waterway partnership is organising the event to showcase Nottinghamshire's canals and River Trent. The event will celebrate their role in the county's history and recognise their importance to local communities and the local economy.

As part of the event, taking place on Saturday 10 October, the partnership is keen to attract a gathering of around 20 historic boats to the city to bring colour and to give people an appreciation of the important role their local waterways played in shaping where they live today.

Canoeing, angling and boat trips

During the celebrations local people will have the opportunity to try a variety of fun watery activities including canoeing, angling and boat trips. For those who prefer to be beside the water rather than on it the day will also offer craft stalls, live music and fun family activities.

The event, being organised with Nottingham City Council and local pubs and businesses, will tie in with others taking place in the city including the popular Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival, held at Nottingham Castle.

Bringing history to life

Danny Brennan, chair of the Canal & River Trust's East Midlands waterway partnership, said; “Nottingham's waterways played a vital role in shaping the city we live in today and we want to celebrate their importance and get more local people to rediscover them.

“People love historic boats as they really bring history to life, people can get on board, explore the cramped cabin and imagine what life was like for the boatmen and their families at the height of the Industrial Revolution.

“Castle Wharf would once have been a thriving inland port, full of boats of all shapes and sizes bringing goods and raw materials into the city and it would be great to see that replicated as part of our celebrations. The event promises to be a great opportunity to get the family out into the great outdoors, have some fun and learn a little about the history of our fantastic waterways.”

If you want to bring a historic boat to the event please contact [email protected].

Last Edited: 14 April 2015

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